Australian Surfer Mid North East Coast

Australian Surfer Mid North East Coast

This surfer was all on his own on this winters day and was having blast hooking into some shoulder to head high waves on the mid north coast of N.S.W.

After watching him catch a handful of fun waves I decided it was time to pull out the camera and snap away.

I actually just updated my camera with a longer range zoom with 4k images, so lookout for more cool shots and video on the way.

Photo: Marty Ware Okkaland

Luderick Fisherman at North Haven NSW Australia

The Camden Haven river on every turn seems to have an amazing backdrop, such as North Mountain that sits just above the town of Laurieton.

This local fisherman in chasing the migrating luderick that fill the waterways here in the months of winter and spring.

What could be better than, throwing a line here and relaxing in the winter rays. Hard to beat I would say!