Australian White Faced Heron in Fishing Stance

Australian White Faced Heron

When walking around the rivers and shallow water flats you just may come across the Australian white faced Heron.
It’s an amazing stealth predatory mode makes it an awesome hunter.

I have watched many of the Heron species hunt and each and every time they never sees to amaze me.
I hope to in time document many more birds who live in Australia and share them here in Okkaland

Egretta novaehollandiae

The White-faced Heron is particularly versatile. It can be seen in many different wetland habitats: they occur on reefs, in rock pools and mudflats by the coast, in estuaries and saltmarsh, swamps, rivers, drains and at farm dams; they even occur in pasture and hypersaline wetlands. There they can be seen foraging for a wide range of prey, mostly small aquatic creatures, using various methods, including standing and waiting for their prey, slowly stalking it, frantically dashing after it, or disturbing it by stirring the water with their feet.

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Lots of Love From Australia