River Kayak Fishing Camden Haven

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River Kayak fishing is extremely popular in the Camden Haven River.  It must be because of it’s easy access to slow moving waterways, the beauty, and off course the fishing is pretty good.

Photo: Marty Ware- Lone Australian Kayak Fisherman

I have been watching over the last few months the regularity of fisherman mooring up to an oyster lease and throwing out soft plastic lures to entice the mighty flathead.

The Australian flathead loves to hide under the sand and ambush it’s prey.  It puts on a fair fight, and is an awesome tasty table fish.

This makes it extremely popular as a target fish that not only provides a ton of fun, but tastes great too!

The Story of this Image

This photograph was taken from the Stingray bridge on the border two small picturesque villages, North Haven and Laurieton, mid north coast of Australia.

I had the idea to plan a shoot from the bridge itself, but I wanted more than just a beautiful river landscape photo.

I knew that to capture the essence of the river something needed to be happening in the image that portrayed the piece and tranquility. Luckily as I walked over the bridge with my 11 year old daughter Karin, I spotted this lone fisherman moored up to a pole and casting away in a very relaxed mode.

He definitely had that peaceful no rush relaxed look to him.  At the time of thought, I actually wished it was me out there throwing a line.  Who wouldn’t right?

The water also had a silver essence, the trees where reflecting from the rivers edge and also from the Kayak.  I knew this would be the perfect opportunity and time for the camera to burst out!

I fired away ten photos and came up with this, as my favourite photo for the day.

Photography sure is an art form and  I am still learning everyday and loving it.  I am extremely happy and grateful that I can share my images with you all and the world.

I hope you also find the time share it too with your online friends.

You just got to love Australia!

Marty Ware

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