Australian Kookaburra Camden Haven N.S.W

The great Australian Kookaburra is a part of the King fisher family and loves to eat meat, especially steak.

This bird has been known to swoop down at an Aussie barbecue and steal a piece of steak, or sausage before you know it.

Though they are a part of the King fisher family, this bird is not associated with water and can be found in a tree in the Australian bush to a backyard with trees.

They can also become extremely friendly once they become to know and trust you. I have even given a few a scratch under the chin.

You would think that with that very strong beak they would take your finger of in a bite, but actually they are quite gentle.

There are 4 species of Kookaburra in Australia and can also be found as far north as New Guinea

Photo:  Karin Ware at 10 years of age in the Camden Haven region on the east coast of NSW Australia.
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Marty Ware “Okkaland

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