The Magical Australia Kingfisher Photoshoot

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My daughter Karin and I went out on a well planned weekend, Okkaland video photography field trip.
But, the day did not come out as planned, or as expected.
Originall we planned to photograph and capture on video a pair of small Corella Cockatoo’s nesting way up high in a hollow gum tree, not far from Sting Ray bridge at North Haven N.S.W, on the mid north east coast.

To arrive at the destination we had decided to walk along the rivers edge path and see if we could capture any photographic moments on the way.
Luckily we did, and came up with some glorious photographs, that not only shocked me, but stunned me by how beautiful they looked when viewed on the computer, see below!

The Great Cormorant overlooking its hunting grounds at North Haven N.S.W Australia on the Camden Haven river.

Photo: This image of the Great Cormorant was taken by daughter Karin at 11 years of age. Who would of ever thought that a black bird of this species could look so beautiful. The black portrays a metallic luminous shine like I have never seen before. Just goes to show what the human eye misses and the camera does not.

On the way we passed through a coastal rain forest  pocket that hugged the river bank and Karin also came up with another photograph of a bird we had never witnessed here in Australia, The Australian Blue Eyed Bush Chicken. Or so we thought!

Only to find out that it really is a Juvenile Satin Bower bird.  Watch out for information online that is either a hoax or incorrect content.  Excuse text on the image. 

Karin spotted this bird about a meter of the ground feeding on some native berries.
She froze like ice and with camera in hand started shooting like a pro,also telling me to keep quiet in the process.

Further along I decided to slow our pace and peer into the river mangroves to see what other magical sites may appear. Again Karin with her eagle eyes yelled out “Kingfisher in the trees” and worked on getting a few photos in before it darted off into the mangrove trees.
I had noticed that it had settled about 50 meters away between two forks in the tree. Time to set up the tripod and video camera.
It was a little dark to get a great shot, but it did sit still long enough for me to capture some footage (see video above). I must admit I was a little over excited as it was the very first time I had ever seen one in the wild.

After it flew off in the search for more food we packed up the shoot and headed for the Cockatoo nest only to find it empty and not a Cocky in site!
Normally I would of been a bit bothered by the fact that the planned shoot was a failure, but it sure turned out to be one magic day that will be locked in my mind forever.

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Lots of Love from Australia

Marty & Karin Ware

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